First-Rate Cleaning Services in NJ & NYC: Let Us Make You House-Proud

Make the most of superior quality cleaning services in NJ & NYC

House cleaning services in New Jersey and New York City have never been more in demand. Whether you are on a tight schedule, down on energy or simply think house cleaning is a thankless job and a waste of time, we are here to step up to the plate. To us, making our clients’ homes clean is a challenge we are always ready to rise to. What’s more, we tackle the art of cleaning with genuine dedication, passion and enthusiasm!

Why book our house cleaning services

Because we give you results that will sweep you off your feet. If scrubbing and cleaning isn’t your idea of fun times, we’ll be more than happy to step in! Our cleaners are local professionals you can have absolute confidence in to turn your home into the epitome of cleanliness in next to no time. We went all out to make things as convenient as possible. It all starts with a quick, straightforward booking process and ends with cash-free payment.

We give you consistent quality that you can rely on

Our team always goes above and beyond to produce results you will be thrilled with. Our repeat customers rely on us for consistent quality, unwavering professionalism and maximum efficiency. If you are after house cleaning services or other services we offer, there are no risks: you can rest assured that the end-results will be nothing short of impressive. We’ll develop a tailor-made approach to your home or office so you can make the most out of each session.

A smooth & simple booking process

Everything we do is about making your life easier, which is why our booking process is equally simple, convenient and hassle-free. It allows you to book your cleaning service in the shortest amount of time. From the moment you get in touch with us, you can cross cleaning off your to-do list! We’ll also do our best to work out the optimal cleaning schedule for your home, one that best suits you.

High quality standards

We go above and beyond to make our clients happy using tried-and-true cleaning methods and quality cleaning supplies.

Trusted cleaning

The strict and thorough vetting process we have in place allows us to hire cleaners who are both competent and trustworthy.

Secure payment

We give you a secure cash-free payment process. With us in your corner, you can rest assured that you will stay fully protected.


We offer a personalized approach to our clients. Your home is unique which is why we will treat it with attention to detail.

We are the one-stop shop you have been looking for

Aside from home cleaning services, we are at your service for other specialized services. If ever you should need our expert vacation rental services in North Jersey, Central Jersey or in New York City, you can rely on our team to deliver. The whole process is simple, clear-cut and hassle-free. Just shoot us a call and let us take over from there. Before you know it, you’ll have a sparkling clean home and enough time to enjoy it!

#1 Cleaning services in NJ & NYC: 100% satisfaction guarantee

We are confident that we can give you the best value for money, because we offer cost-effective solutions to clients in need of house cleaning services in New Jersey and New York City without compromising on quality. But if you feel that something was amiss and that you weren’t absolutely satisfied with the results, let us know as soon as possible! We’ll resolve the complaint and re-clean the area in question in as little as 72 hours. If we fail to meet your expectations yet again, you can count on our money-back guarantee!.

Our team has a leg up on the competition

Our team is made up of hand-picked local cleaners with a minimum of 5 years of experience, expertise and passion for their work. They use effective cleaning strategies and methods to tackle any area, no matter how demanding it may be, all in accordance with a detailed checklist. Our cleaners are never afraid of elbow grease as long as it brings lasting results. On top of that, all our cleaners are insured and bonded. Book our quality cleaning services and see the results that only second-to-none cleaning professionals can achieve!

We give you the gift of time and a home to be proud of

We know how hard it is to juggle responsibilities and have a home that looks spick-and-span all the time. At some point, tackling house cleaning chores starts to feel like being caught in a vicious circle: the harder you try, the faster the chores seem to pile up. But there is a simple way out of the mess: have the professionals come in and lend you a helping hand. Maid It Now is the go-to business for homeowners in need of expert home cleaning services in New Jersey and New York City. Your satisfaction is our top priority which is why we always go the extra mile in order to give you results you will love. We never miss a spot and we never leave anything to chance. You can rely on us to be there for you when you need us most. Remember that we are just a phone call away!

Allow us to become your go-to cleaning business in New Jersey and New York City

Our New Jersey cleaning crew covers North Jersey and Central Jersey areas. Our New York City cleaning crew covers the five boroughs. Our home cleaning services in those areas are a cut above the rest because the local cleaners on our team have unmatched experience and expertise. We will give your residential or commercial space the full treatment from floor to ceiling, from start to finish. When you put us in charge of cleaning your residential or commercial space, you can feel certain that you’ll get top-notch results in the shortest amount of time. What we promise, we deliver, including top-notch home cleaning services in Princeton,NJ or Manhattan,NY. But don’t take our word for it!  Our customer service is a delight, so feel free to get in touch with us so we can match you with a cleaner. Find out why Maid It Now cleaning services are in such high demand throughout both states!

Make the most of our expertise across your area

If you’ve been strapped for time and couldn’t get around to cleaning your home, it might be time to make radical changes in your home life. So how about delegating the daunting cleaning chores to the leading professionals in your area who homeowners turn to for high-quality home cleaning services.  We are always ready to step up to the plate and transform your home into the paragon of cleanliness! Lean on us because we’ve got your back. We offer transparent rates, exceptional quality and efficiency that leaves nothing to be desired. The high demand for our professional house cleaning services in North Jersey, Central Jersey and New York City has helped us grow into the number one cleaning business in the industry. If you are looking for expert cleaning services in New Jersey and New York City that will not leave you disappointed, give us a call.